One of the most dynamic and innovative companies

Active component of the Refining and Petrochemicals Business Unit, Rompetrol Petrochemicals is one of the most dynamic and innovative companies in the production and distribution of olefins in Romania.


The company, the sole polypropylene producer in Romania, deals with the production of polypropylene bristles for injection and blowing, films, monofilaments, fibers and tapes, propane and steam, all aligned to the highest quality standards.

Complete integrated solutions

Rompetrol Petrochemicals adapts and structures its product portfolio and offers you a large variety of integrated solutions, according to your needs:

- Extrusion solutions;

- Blow solutions;

- Injection solutions.

Thus, Rompetrol offers consulting services as well as technical assistance, both meeting all efficiency and quality standards and being, most of all, especially adapted to your needs and possibilities.

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