Analysis Laboratory

Rompetrol Quality Control (RQC) represents the laboratories' division, one of the most performant and vast of the ones in the Rompetrol Group. The division assures the efficient management of its four laboratories, located in the premises of the Rompetrol Refining Platform, providing analysis services for oil products, environment and oil products.

RQC environment laboratories can offer real time monitoring about the quality of the air, water and soil for the Group's two refineries (Petromidia and Vega). Taking place in a rather secondary plan, this segment represents a very important objective of the Rompetrol Group, ensuring the health and protection of the environment, as well as the maintaining of the microclimate of the area in which it undergoes its activities. Continuous monitoring of specific pollutant sources indicators is achieved by performing a wide range of analyzes.

In the past years, RQC entered the elementary coal analysis market. Specific analyzes for coal (power, moisture, volatile, ash, sulfur, metals) are the main ones used to calculate the combustion power and control gas emission into the atmosphere. Entering on such a niche market increased the earnings obtained from third party customers, which also consolidated its market shares.

Vast professional experience

RQC continued developing the business by implementing new types of tests and obtaining appropriate certification to meet the changing needs of its customers, in accordance with the Romanian and European legislation in the field: analysis of petroleum products and coal analysis (moisture, volatile matter, ash, calorific value, sulphur content), environmental analysis, as well as the review of sodium hydrochloride.

Continuous efforts to improve service quality are confirmed by certificates of excellence, obtained as a result of the constant participation in many international programs of skill testing and the collaboration with international research centers (Spain, Netherlands).

 In RQC laboratories perform the following types of analysis:

-complete analysis of petroleum products;

-complete water analysis;

-complete soil analysis;


Thus, RQC offers services based on the team's vast professional experience and high technology equipment, which places it in a top position on the specific market.

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