Drilling and Workover

Over 30 years of experience in drilling and work over operations in 15+ countries stroke a balance between highly qualified staff and efficiency of employed equipment, being capable of managing oil and gas projects all over the world.

The department covers a comprehensive list of operations, ranging from exploration drilling, production well drilling, well cementing, well fitting and testing, and up to rehabilitation and stimulation of production.

The best specialists

The Rompetrol Drilling and Workover team is highly experienced, and engages in continuous investments in technology, market studies, and a flexible business vision. Also, the high quality service standards are supported by a management whose procedures are certified with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 by Germanischer Lloyd.

New opportunities for clients

The skills of adapting to various cultures and environments have made this department aim to become valuable partner both on traditional and new markets.

Drilling and oil maintenance services were completed with new opportunities offered to customers.
• monitoring of drilling parameters with state of the art mudlogging units;
• oil well tubing with high performing hydraulic pliers;
• HSE consulting;
• consultancy for drilling, completion and workover operations;

Thus, successfully combining expertise in oil services and skills in international management, DW has a reputation for ensuring balanced quality work on the Eastern European markets, and also in South America, North Africa and the Middle East.

From 1974 up until the present day, the Drilling and Workover division conducted in Iraq the construction of over 500 wells and the works at 200 others, being thus an important partner in oil and gas projects taking place in the Middle East. To these are added and another 100 projects in North Africa and Europe (drilling, well service, consulting, etc.), in countries like Egypt, Syria, Kazakhstan, Ecuador, Algeria, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Sudan, India and Greece.