Ecological Services

Ecomaster Ecological Services is a company member of The Rompetrol Group, specialized in providing integrated environmental services for industrial waste.

During the last 10 years Ecomaster has specialised in collecting, treating and final elimination for clients hazardous waste.

Current company structure, its technical and human capabilities are the result of a large investment program, based on innovative technologies, conceived both within The Rompetrol Group and by technological transfer with well-known western companies. Also, the Ecomaster technologies are green and permit recover of a part of reusable materials from industrial waste or their final elimination in the most safe conditions for the environment and the employees security.

Integrated environment services

Thus, Ecomaster has the following main areas of expertise:

Collect, transportation, treatment, final disposal and elimination of industrial waste, especially hazardous ones, through own facilities, as well as together with partners and subcontractors;

Equipment, tank and industrial facilities decontamination, followed by treatment and final elimination of waste;

Collect, packaging, transportation, treatment, valorification of wide range of hazardous waste;

Project management solutions for closing uncompliant waste deposits;

Treatment of acid tars and oil sludges;

Full Management of contaminated sites;

Specialized consultancy in environmental field (permitting).

During the last 3 years, Ecomaster developed an integrated service platform in order to provide full waste management to the generators:

The company ofers in this manner a wide range of modern products and services, which demonstrates its dedication towards the clients and, as important, the environment in which it operates.

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