Legal Information Usage

Whenever someone visits this Web site, the servers are able to gather certain information that allows us to track the number of visits to the site. We make use of this information to further process and develop the site. The information thus delivered to our servers does not include Personal Information that would allow tracking and locating individual visitors. By Personal Information we understand information that could specifically identify a person or entity, such as e-mail addresses, names or mailing addresses.

When you submit a resume for a Rompetrol job opening, we will treat each application with maximum confidentiality, and under no circumstances reveal this information to any third party. If you are an applicant to a certain position and wish to have your CV removed from our database, please send a letter to or e-mail the HR Department (1202 Sofia, 188 Slivnitsa blvd., e-mail: specifying this particular option.

Third Party Content

Our Web site contains links to other sites that Rompetrol does not own, endorse or otherwise is related to (except our own Group company sites which are distinctly marked as being part of the Rompetrol Group websites), therefore we give no warranties about the content or privacy practices of those sites. For the purpose of this disclaimer, "third party"shall mean any person, entity or group of persons and/or entities which is not nor have/has been said to be members, employees, affiliates or subsidiaries of The Rompetrol Group.

Accuracy of information

Rompetrol has different entities, but in our Web site we use the term "Group" or "We" when we refer to Rompetrol companies in general or where there is no need to specifically identify a particular member of the Group. Rompetrol makes all the reasonable efforts to provide this site with the most accurate information, but it cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness and up-to-date nature of all information supplied herein by itself or by third parties, therefore any visitor using information contained in this site, does so at his own risk.

Financial projections and stock prices and estimates have been provided for informational purposes only. They are regularly updated but objective reasons may prevent us from doing so at all times. Thus, any person choosing to use the information thus provided for financial purposes and/or personal gain will not be entitled to hold Rompetrol responsible for any damages it may incur as a result thereof.