Gasoline A100H

Gasoline A100 is a high octane fuel that improves engine performance. 
Gasoline A100 makes it easier to start the engine, reduces vibration while driving at high speeds, and makes it easier for the engine to work under special conditions such as overtaking, steep climb, heavy weight transport. It also provides a high degree of combustion and reduces engine wear.


Why choose Gasoline A100H?

Add power to your engine!

A100H gasoline from Rompetrol is a premium fuel, essential for cars in order to achieve maximum performance. Regardless of the configuration of the car, you can choose the most suitable fuel for you.

The optimum configuration

With a high octane rate and degree of purity, A100H gasoline from Rompetrol represents an essential element, necessary for cars to achieve their maximum performances.

Reduces engine wear

A100H gasoline from Rompetrol offers an easy engine start, a uniformed idle functioning, the absence of vibrations in high speed mode, as well as a fast engine response in demanding conditions - overtaking, climbing slopes, high load. Also, through its high purity, it ensures a complete combustion, a high caloric value and, consequently, it reduces engine wear.

The range of products available at Rompetrol stations is:
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