Rompetrol Bulgaria donates fuel in support of the state in the efforts for control of novel COVID-19 pandemic

Rompetrol Bulgaria donated 10 000 liters of fuel in support of the state in the fight for control of Covid 19 pandemic. The donation is coordinated by the National Union of Municipalities in Republic of Bulgaria and will be distributed according to the needs of the different municipalities affected by the pandemic, and the fuel can be refueled at any Rompetrol gas station in the country.

"KMG International is involved and supports the authorities to minimize the effects of the pandemic in all affected countries where Rompetrol brand is present. Now, when social distance has become a norm, we need to stay together in solidarity, and support all public endeavors  to overcome the situation generated by Covid 19." - said Ivaylo Trendafilov, General Manager of Rompetrol Bulgaria.

Rompetrol Bulgaria’s gas stations continue to operate under enhanced security measures. In the context of the rapid development of coronavirus, the company's top priority is to ensure the protection and security of its employees and their families, as well as full support and preventative measures for all associates and clients using Rompetrol products and services.

The actions already implemented are correlated with the decisions taken by the authorities, Rompetrol Bulgaria respects all the recommendations announced and will comply with all the measures that will be announced as per the development of the situation, In Rompetrol stations a strict program was implemented: each hour, for hygiene / disinfection of the direct contact surfaces: handles of all the doors of the station, the service tables in the shop / terrace, the counter from the cash registers, the tables for coffee preparation, the outside parts of the gastro windows, keypads, car wash and vacuum system buttons, air / water installation buttons, pump preset buttons, pump card reader buttons (orts), fuel piston handles, other equipment where the client / employee comes into direct contact. The floor of the store is cleaned / washed at least four times a day (24 hours). Gastro-predominant products are served in single-use packaging including coffee glasses. Rompetrol recommends of keeping an appropriate large distance between clients.

About Rompetrol Bulgaria

Rompetrol Bulgaria is part of the KMG International Group – a large diversified oil and gas company operating across 11 global markets. With over 6000 people across countries, KMG International owns and operates 3 production unites in Romania and a network of over 1000 fuel distribution points in Romania, Moldova, Georgia and Bulgaria. KMG International is owned by KazMunayGas, Kazakhstan's national oil and gas company. In Romania, KMG International has one of the largest and most modern refineries in the Black Sea region - Petromidia Navodari, with a refining capacity of over 5 million tons of raw materials. KMG International also owns Vega Refinery in Ploiesti - the sole producer of hexane and bitumen from Romania - and the only Petrochemicals Division in the country – capable in producing polymers, used for different purposes, including manufacturing protective equipment needed in the Health sector.

Rompetrol Bulgaria has a current network of 56 gas stations across the country and sells to the Bulgarian customers European-standard quality fuels produced at Petromidia refinery. The company is aiming at active development within the next years, including network expansion and constant service quality improvement.